SEO: Meta Tags and readable url

Because we use unique software where our clients focus on the content of their website and we concern ourselves with imploring our clients to focus on the content of the website, to include important words in the website, to consider headings of pages to be important. These are the basics clients can do to improve their rankings.

We believe we are heading in the right direction , the direction search engines want us to go .

Here are another two questions regarding Meta Tags and readable url and our answer.

· In the Google SEO guide for 2014 it says that having the same (meta?) -tags for the different pages on your site lowers your ranking  but is this not what we have? ·        

It also refers to the importance of readable urls and in the autotrader module the individual   urls make little sense? Is there a way to edit the URLS (Wordpress has a great little plugin Prettylink)?

We don't really have time to go into it now but Kwikwap offers other advantages over wordpress.

Please send us a link of these wordpress plugins for autotraders or an actual website if you can find one. That way we will have a benchmark when we improve our own plugin (we call our plugins adons) .

You can be assured that we will keep on improving the system otherwise we will not be a sustainable business in the long run.

I would love to get these answers from Eduard and Chris as my book has focused on what a typical Kwikwap client can do. For years my websites and clients websites have been on page 1 of google. Some people take this info and the experience of kwikwap and step up and move to more complicated platforms.

We as a business need to focus on a specific market.

We are already working on improving the auto trader module thanks to you pointing out where it can be improved. We are currently doing a soft launch on our new online shop. This is what we do. Improve on our software.

I would love to hear Chris's answers on these two questions. There will be work on the table to improve where we can improve and need to improve on. In terms of Kwikwap SEO (things our clients have no control over) like site architecture.

The three introductory videos on covers the very basics. 90% of website owners don't do the basics right.

So getting your website to page 1 of Google is not that difficult.

Have you written down the 10-15 most important search terms you would like to be on page 1 of Google. I would love to see them. Are they in your business description (under admin and settings / business information) ? That's is where I would like to start with you. What are those search terms?

More practically. I had some free advertising website years ago where someone Googled for a specific model car. I had that very specific model car as a product. Before the Autotrader module was invented. It was a heading of a page in my website. One day I got a phone call from someone looking for that exact model.

Second hand cars move quickly, often too quick for people to consider a website or that is the common excuse i got when canvassing Zambesi street trying to sell websites to car dealers.
My first point is that i need you to specify what you mean with page 1 of google, what search terms are you referring too?
Have you registered your business with Google Places, Google Webmaster?
With Kwikwap you have someone to call to assist with these small things and more often than not it is free. But i do invoice when the freebies end up taking too much time but i might forget if i get a lead from you now and then.
Once again this email conversation will form the basis of a faq on one of my websites. Your question with my answer and hopefully soon Kwikwap's technical answer.
Great relevant fresh content for my website. Google loves that.
Here the issue is discussed...the issue of having different Meta tags for really important pages.
That's where the heading of important pages becomes important (how i understand it) .
Please note that meta tags are becoming less important.
I am a great fan of Matt Cutts and over and over he is telling people / small business owners the same thing. worry about great content

at the end of the day Google will find the sites with the best content.

You might be overcooking the keywords pretoria , gauteng in your faq's. Be careful of keyword stuffing. Using the keywords in an unnatural manner.



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