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Interactive Direct presents
A Gentle Introduction to SEO & Internet Marketing

Dear Francois

It's 2014, do you know where your prospects are?

They're searching online. If they can't find you... they will find your competitors.


Attend this valuable workshop and gain insights into the new wave of online marketing

Internet marketing and search engine optimisation is the marketing trend of the future and also the here and now.

This valuable workshop will give you a range of tips and techniques as well as vital strategies for your company's online marketing effort.

The topics that will be covered by the course are:

What is SEO/Internet marketing (Definition(s), high level touching on concepts such as
website, traffic, search engines, results)
Why SEO? (Importance of the internet, increase in internet users, stats showing sites
with and without SEO)
3. Components of SEO:
Closer look at traffic (local vs international, targeted vs untargeted, importance of Search engines/Google, difference between paid and natural search)
  b. How do search engines work (spiders/bots, history of google, importance of linking, Page Rank)
  c. On-Site and Off-site optimisation (what we mean by that)
  d. Importance of a search engine friendly website (use of flash, javascript, frames, unfriendly URLs)
4. Steps to SEO
  a. Keyword research (what are keywords, what tools to use - just high level)
  b. On site optimisation (title tags, meta tags, URLs, Content)
  c. Off-site optimisation (Link building - directories, articles, web 2.0 properties)
5. Conclusion

You need to clearly state your dietary requirement.

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Date: 20th May 2014
Time: 08:30 - 16:30
Venue: AstroTech Conference Centre, Johannesburg
Fee: R2 625.00 per person (Excl VAT)

The Problem:

You met with a webmaster, spent lots of hours providing information and content, and probably paid a lot of money to have your site designed.

You have perhaps even tweaked your site a little, paid for some online advertising, and put your site name in all your letters, ads, and business cards. But your web site is still not generating very much traffic and it is nearly impossible to find your site for important keywords in a Google search. The bottom line result is that your dream of expanding your business on the World Wide Web has fallen far short of your initial expectations. In summary, web traffic and sales have been disappointing!

Internet Marketing is not magic and with a few hours of targeted instruction about Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation you can understand where to spend your time and resources marketing your web site.

Acquiring top position on search engines is not an overnight process but our internet marketing seminar allow's you to make an immediate impact on your search ranking with very simple changes and build a plan of attack to climb to the top of Google. This seminar is in plain english and not Webmaster, HTML, Java, or computer Geek language. When you understand the basics of Internet Marketing and learn what search engines want to see on your site, you can feed them exactly what they want. The best looking web sites do not help a business if customers cannot find them. Learn how to market your web site, gain top placement in search engines, drive targeted traffic to your web site, and increase your online sales.

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About The Presenter

Alison Weir-Smith runs an SME oriented internet marketing company which achieves successful results for its clients on a consistent basis.

After graduating from Sasolburg High School with 4 distinctions, she registered for a Bachelor of Science Degree majoring in Actuarial Science and Statistics at the University of the Witwatersrand. After deciding that this field was not for her, she changed her majors to Computer Science and Psychology and graduated in 2009. After a few years of struggling to find her niche, Alison started to do part-time work for Tailormade 4 You, a web design and SEO agency. Within a year she was managing the company's entire SEO division. The company then split, leaving Tailormade 4 You to do the web design and forming Nova Net to continue the internet marketing work. Nova Net is now managed solely by Alison.

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Future Dates:

19th August 2014
18th November 2014

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