SEO Tip for content

Here is one tip for adding content to your website in order to improve On-site SEO. It may have been mentioned previously but I will use this opportunity to explain On-Site SEO in action.

As often mentioned one of the main problems a small medium business owner faces when it comes to SEO is time and money constraints. It takes time to create good quality content for your website. It is taking time for me to sit down and write this blog entry / article.

Good quality content can be defined as:

  • Relevant to your website visitors
  • Fresh and unique - not duplicated from another website
  • Including Important Keywords, yet not being Spammy
  • Providing useful information visitors to your website will be looking for.

Employing SEO as a tactic for marketing your website is difficult and maybe nowhere more so than in the web design industry.

So how should one go about it during your normal business day considering you still have to deliver the actual goods or services your are trying to market via your website by employing SEO as a marketing strategy?

We often use our emails as a basis for developing the content of our frequently asked question section on our websites.

This morning we had just finished the design of a new client's website and we are hoping to get paid for all our hard work. Because our client is in Johannesburg and we are based in Cape Town we had to do the final "presentation" via Email. In a natural way we were talking about our products and services, allready pre empting those frequently asked questions.

Either we are desperate to be paid or I had my creative juices flowing and the words were flowing smoothly in this email. At the same time we have started a new website for our CMS Web Design and SEO Training courses to be presented in the Strand. We are working in a strategic alliance with a local graphic designer and videographer and we formed Strand and Somerset West Web Design. ( . Over time we are hoping that our own SEO efforts for the mentioned website will pay dividends so we do spend time on creating content for that website but...and this is an important BUT

SEO is not our only marketing strategy. We allready have people interested via other marketing startegies (Facebook, Cold calling, Walkin business etc.)

This results that when we are writing the website text we are not too actively thinking of what search engines might be reading or thinking but thinking of what our actual clients or website visitors will be reading. One of the services we will be offering is evening CMS web design classes and by investing proper time on our FAQ section on the website the whole FAQ section will become usefull as part of the course. We will be in the postion to simply ask students to go trough the whole FAQ section of the website as part of homework.

So the next time you write an important proposal to an important client via email make use of the time and opportunity to take some of that proposal and rewrite it a little to develop a proper FAQ section for your website. You will be including important key words and synonyms for those words in a natural way. You will be using normal current language and describe your up to date service delivery.

And in future you will also save yourself some time which equals money for small and  medium business owners by allreading answering those frequently asked questions.

Most of the actual FAQ's created with little time from this one email can be found on the FAQ section of . Over time we will add more Faq's but if you read this information today or tomorrow you will get a pretty fair idea of how much information can be taken from a single email / business proposal.

It took time to create the initial business proposal and it is important for our business and cash flow. It follows that we concentrated a little harder when typing that email. It took a little more time to rewrite on our FAQ section but the fruits of our On-Site SEO efforts will be felt over a long period of time.

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