Reviving SEO Book

I literally almost fell off my share the other day when someone wanted to order my first self-published book on SEO , titled Relevant SEO 2014. You see it would have been the first copy of the book I sold, a book I wrote in the beginning of 2014 and self-published on this website.

The term relevant refers to the fact that this book was written for the small business owner who owns a website and not for web designers or SEO specialist. I wanted to draw the attention to the things your average small business owner can influence to improve the SEO of their website.

Most website owners, including myself rely on the expertise of an expert in the field of coding. If your website is not accessible to search engines , meaning search engines are not able to crawl through your website it will most definitely bode negatively for the ranking or indexing of your website. This is where I rely on the technical specialists at the office, more specifically the specialist at the Kwikwap Head Office, the companies whose software I have been using since 2007.

It’s been such a long time since I logged into this website to add content. This is the reason why the website has not been published correctly. One can assume that a Kwikwap client will log into his website at least once a year. I have not been logging into this website for the past 12 months. In fact I wonder if I logged in for the last 2/3 years. Fortunately I pay very little for hosting so could not have been bothered.

This time around the SEO problem of this website was caused by a technical issue, something not normally relevant to the small business website owner.

Why would I awoke very early in the morning and revive SEO Book on this day 17 April 2018 , more than 4 years after I first published Relevant SEO 2014?

Well I was battling to sleep because the mosquitoes have been busy and kept my wife awake. Now I do not know who is more noisy? My wife when she cannot sleep or the actual mozzies?

Besides creating this website and publishing the book on here back then I try and do a monthly newsletter for the subscribers to my mailing list on Buddy Web Design. The topic almost always revolves around SEO or how to attract traffic to your website. I have also written a marketing guide for your website on Buddy Web Design where I cover all the ways one can market your website, obviously including SEO.

Realising that small business owners are busy people and do not have time to read books I have also written shorter brochures which I handed out to prospective clients as a marketing tool. What would I aim to achieve by reviving this website and to rewrite Relevant SEO, maybe title it Relevant SEO 2018? Obviously I would hope to attract some web design or SEO clients via this website, if I can pick up the traffic of this website.

I don’t think I have the energy or inclination to go and read the first version of the book I wrote or even the inclination to read my website marketing guide on Buddy Web Design.

At least now I have a reason to log in and republish the website to sort out the technical appearance / problem of the website.

This time around I will try a different approach:

I will specifically focus on the Kwikwap client and work with the technical team at Kwikwap to create a product which is useful for our clients. I will try and keep things as short and concise as possible. That things are changing in the SEO landscape is a fact. Just last night I read an article on Search Engine Land which points to Google having the capability to rely less on keywords, to be able to understand natural language. I did point to artificial intelligence at the end of Relevant SEO 2014 four years ago.

SEO is big business especially in the USA and the UK. A website like mine competes with companies who employs various specialist SEO consultants / writers. They have been doing it for years and have established themselves as the go to guides. Fortunately for me they often write for other web designers or companies with people employed already having a high level understanding of SEO. The typical Kwikwap client, a small business owner does not want to or have the time to study the complex field of SEO.

What do I mean that I compete with these specialist websites?

I mean that I want to appear in search results when people type in words like SEO Book, SEO news , SEO Consultant. Fortunately it’s easier now to appear in search results when someone types in SEO Consultant Somerset West , where I work, than a few years ago. Google did a major update a while back making local search results more relevant. It’s obvious that if you are searching for a web designer or SEO consultant that you would want someone close to you who you might make an appointment with. Google’s latest major update has also focused on presenting more relevant search results. That’s actually nothing new. It has been Google’s aim all along. Being relevant is the what drives the success of search engines.

This blog is way too long to be a prelude to the kind of book or guide I want to write for 2018.

One thing I really want to create is a list of the very basic things that need to be done before you can start considering blaming me or the software for the lack of search results. In a short and simple, clear as possible way, I want all my web design clients to understand search or SEO and the most important basics.

If there is a move away from targeting keywords, which would be a good thing, then we need to stop preaching the importance of using key words. It goes against logic that one can ignore keywords completely, yet expect to be found for them when people search using those keywords.

I think what is rather more likely is that Google wants to level the playing field by ranking websites that have unnaturally used keyword targeting to dominate search results lower. At the end of the day Google will reach its goal of presenting the most relevant search results for their users / readers. I have not visited the SEO world as extensively as I did 4 years ago but it seems that not much has changed. So to recap:

  • I will focus on the Kwikwap client
  • Consider that time is money and a limited asset for small business owners
  • Ask Kwikwap’s technical department to assist a little. (Specifically I would like to understand and present to our clients what they do to keep up to date with the latest change in direction in SEO)

When writing a book of this nature for a specific target market, the Kwikwap Client ,one would like to show them a list, showing all the things they need not worry about . This list is exhaustive. It would be an interesting investigation on steps being implemented at Kwikwap to ensure our clients get the best chance of good SEO results.

Already this blog took about an hour. I should be sleeping. I will discuss the needs of the market with a couple of my colleagues before embarking on this journey of revival.

Just got the bring spark idea that by writing this book and sharing chapter by chapter I would have something for our Facebook page and Twitter account. Hopefully some increased activity would see a new web design client or couple of new followers, even if it is just for show!(Well marketing is all lot about image.)

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