Revisiting website text

Sometimes it is a good idea to revisit your website text in order to make things simpler and more understandable.

I did that last night without an internet connection. I sat down and summarised the about us section of

You can view the new about us and compare it with the old about us. I enjoy working live on a website even if I am not complete ready. It does help with SEO since time is a factor.

Here is the old text.

(Remember I blog / make notes on this newsletter and then later use some of the ideas for inclusion in the finale EBook. The newsletters which goes out to subscribers are thought out more clearly.

Here is my old text. (Before deleting it completely I need to check that I do not miss something I wanted to cover originally. Some things did change from the original idea. More about this and SEO.... later

Welcome to the website of Ezeweb an authorised licensee of Kwikwap. On this website you will find information about how to manage your Kwikwap Website and you can join our Online Training Program and learn on your own time how to manage your website to page 1 of Google. We are recruiting Kwikwap Consultants, Kwikwap Sales Representatives, on a full or part time basis to come and work with us and determine your own income. You will be adding value to the lives of small and medium businesses in South Africa. This website can also be used as a useful resource for training, training of Kwikwap clients, - consultants,-sales representatives and Kwikwap Web Designers. We deal with SEO for small and medium businesses extensively and you will find this website a useful resource to assist you in hitting the mark with your marketing strategy. Feel free to join our mailing list and receive valuable SEO information as we feel creative and as things develop in the SEO world. Read more about us....


Are you considering  a career in web designing, website sales and marketing, or thinking of becoming an SEO expert for small and medium businesses? This program is designed for the typical Kwikwap Client or Kwikwap Consultant. Are you looking for online web design training so that you can design and manage your own business website and do you want to get your website to appear on the the first page of search engines like Google. We offer an easy to follow Online Training Program complimented with good relevant and up to date SEO information. We also offer onsite and online tutoring to help you get a beautiful search engine friendly website. We offer these services at very reasonable , affordable prices which any small business owner can afford. Have a look around and you will see no one offers a better value for money web design solution for your business.

The Online Training Program is intended to be used by:

  • New Kwikwap Clients (Where you perhaps prefer a distance style education)
  • Existing Kwikwap Clients wanting to improve SEO (Get a higher ranking on search engines)
  • Kwikwap Group Training sessions as a refer to guide
  • People considering to become a Kwikwap Consultant or a Kwikwap Sales Representative

You need to have an understanding of how search engines work in order for you to understand the value you will be adding to your Kwikwap Website when following the Online Training Program, or the value you will be adding when you introduce a person to Kwikwap. What you are actually selling.

You will be selling and or training people on how to plan, initiate and implement a succesful Web Development Project. The website's are cheap but that's not all you will be selling. We offer training , ongoing support and we assit normal people to be successful on the internet.

You will be selling a proven method, not a get rick quick scheme. You will be adding value to people's lives. We specifically target small medium businesses who can not afford the traditional custom website from the traditional often very expensive Web Design Companies.

Have a look at this very website. Get a quote for a similar website. We can do it from as little as R0! Average price R3,100. And that includes training on the CMS ! That includes unlimited pages.

The Kwikwap Online Training Program is designed to assist in training Kwikwap Website Clients trough a correspondence style course in a simple and logical matter so that they are able to master the Kwikwap Content Management System. You follow the online course in your own time. At regular intervals you will be asked for feedback. Your Kwikwap Consultant will monitor your progress and assist where needed.

Your website will look professional without any effort on your part!

Having a beautifull website is important and is part of the ingredients which is neccesarry for you to be successful on the net.

Do not expect to find complex and difficult information about coding , programming or graphic design in this program. We have inhouse specialists who will take care of that section for you for only R600. Please view our portfolio to see what you can expect for R600.

You will be required to download and install Skype on to your computer so that you can have one on one sessions with your Kwikwap Instructor.

The Kwikwap Online Training Program consists of:

  • Goal setting and benchmarking
  • Information on How Search Engines Like Google work
  • Exercises which will guide you to be able to manage the Kwikwap Content Management System
  • One on one Skype Training Sessions

The Kwikwap Online Training Program will remain a useful guide on how to do those more difficult things like adding Youtube videos to your website.



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