Link Building

I have found the following good article on link building.

It is a beginners guide type article but even this beginners guide is too much information for busy small and medium business owners. Our book and website which is being written is not aimed at other web designers or industry experts. We are targeting small and medium business owners for web design services. SEO results is expected from Web Designer but this is a partnership between the website owner and the Web Designer.

Our vested interests in our clients good SEO results lies in them staying with us and referring new business.

Links from quality websites to your own website is a main factor in increasing visibility on the internet.

For those wanting an indepth understanding I would recommend that article.

In this section we will be discussing practical ways our typical clients can employ to get links to their website.

What's the problem? I thought it is all about content?

For years I thought so myself.

Here is undeniable proof that I have been saying this for years.

For most small and medium businesses that is still true and the idea that people will link to you if you have an authority website still rings true but it sure seems as a long and winding road. Let me explain using my own website as an example.

I enjoy writing and blogging and working on my own websites. I perhaps have too many websites or activities I am interested in and maybe I should focus on completing and perfecting one website before moving on.

My own most important website is that of Buddy Web Design as it is my core business. I am getting results for longer tail key words but not the top position for key words such as Cape Town Web Designer , Cape Town Web Design etc.

I have studied my competitions websites and have noticed that they have much less text on their website than me. They seem to insert much less effort on On Site SEO than what I do. I keep my content fresh and relevant with at least a monthly newsletter. Agreed there is a lot more that i can do to get my own website 100%. If time allows I will do some more work today or schedule a specific day when I can go over the most important pages on my website , that being home page, about us page, services pages , my general business description. Headings of quality content on newsletters. The time spend doing this could also be spend doing other marketing.

There is another very practical reason for doing it and that is that clients that find my website via other means can quickly gather what we do, how we do it and at what prices. This will save me a lot of time quoting people and repeating answering those frequently asked questions. It will save me time.

By doing this I will at least benefit from saving time , not needing to write long essays each time I want a web design job.

Still these other companies will be beating me . 

I need to get quality websites linking to my website.

How and where will be the topic of this chapter.



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