Good quality content should underly good quality titles

It should be obvious that heading or titles should be important and should match words which you would like search engines to find. A website owner should consider what words people might type when doing a search and include those words in the titles, be it in the title of a product or service, the title of a blog / newsletter or even the title of a Frequesntly asked questions.

So yes, choosing the right titles is important but simarlily those quality headings or titles should be supported with good text. Search engines ignore pages with low quality content.

Each page in your website has the possibility to be indexed by Google so each page's heading should be carefully considered but equally important is that those pages should have quality and useful information. There is no getting away from it. Over time Google and other search engines will start to understand full sentences and having really quality informative information on your website will go a long way in improving your websites ranking over time.

Here is a very short video by Matt Cutts explaining the importance of content undelrying headings:

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