Reviving SEO Book - 2018-04-17

I literally almost fell off my share the other day when someone wanted to order my first self-published book on SEO , titled Relevant SEO 2014. You see it would have been the first copy of the book I sold, a book I wrote in the beginning of 2014 and self-published on this website. The term relevant refers to the fact that this book was written f... more

SEO Book 2016 : Developments - 2015-12-30

It is a few days before the start of 2016 and we have started to work on our SEO Book for 2016. The first edition of Relevant SEO 2014 was published during February 2014 ... more

Link Building - 2014-10-04

I have found the following good article on link building. It is a beginners guide type article but even this beginners guide is too much information for busy small and medium business owners. Our book and website which is being written is not aimed at other web designers or in... more

SEO Tip for content - 2014-09-23

Here is one tip for adding content to your website in order to improve On-site SEO. It may have been mentioned previously but I will use this opportunity to explain On-Site SEO in action. As often mentioned one of the main problems a small medium business owner faces when it comes to SEO is time and money constraints. It takes time to create goo... more

SEO: Meta Tags and readable url - 2014-06-01

Because we use unique software where our clients focus on the content of their website and we concern ourselves with imploring our clients to focus on the content of the website, to include important words in the website, to consider headings of pages to be important. These are the basics clients can do to improve their rankings. We believe we a... more

Kwikwap and SEO - 2014-06-01

Kwikwap has certain advantages over website management software like wordpress regarding SEO. The following explain it a little better in detail: This is the actual question from a client and below you will find the technical response from Kwikwap: Question by client: I have a few questions related to the SEO of the Kwikwap sites. I ... more

Johannesburg SEO Course - 2014-05-09

We found this advertisement in our emails today. We are not asociated with them in any way but just sharing this information with our website visitors. Interactive Direct presents A Gentle Introduction to SEO & Internet Marketing Dear Francois It's 2014, do you know where your prospects are? They... more

Good quality content should underly good quality titles - 2014-05-05

It should be obvious that heading or titles should be important and should match words which you would like search engines to find. A website owner should consider what words people might type when doing a search and include those words in the titles, be it in the title of a product or service, the title of a blog / newsletter or even the title of ... more

Case study : SEO strategy for new tourism website - 2014-04-29

1. The new client description We have a new website for a client in Ponta do Oura, Mozambique to design. The current website is . The new proposed website with temporary domain is One of the business partners allready has a successful website with us na... more

Understanding Page 1 of Google - 2014-04-24

What exactly do we mean when we say we want our websites to appear on page 1 of Google? To explain this I will use my web design company, Buddy Web Design as an example. When I google my business name , whether searching the web or searching images the website is on page 1 at the number 1 spot. That is good when people who remember my busines... more

The worst possible SEO sin - 2014-02-27

Here is an example of the worst possible SEO sin. Here is some home page text, an important part of any website. The text on these pages are important. Search engines can not crawl trough the text in the image. The image looks pretty but it is possibly the nr 1 worst SEO sin anyone can make. Graphic designers are usually the culprits wanti... more

Revisiting website text - 2014-02-26

Sometimes it is a good idea to revisit your website text in order to make things simpler and more understandable. I did that last night without an internet connection. I sat down and summarised the about us section of You can view the new about us and compare it with the old about us. I enjoy working live on a website ... more

Marketing for startups - 2014-02-24

Goodwill is an intangible asset which builds up over time. It is important to understand this concept, especially when starting up a new business. This is relevant to SEO as will be explained below: Let’s use an example of a young professional who graduates and starts his own business. (It can be an attorney, accountant or dentist for e... more

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