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The free EBook, Relevant SEO 2014, first published on 20 February 2014 by Francois Marais can be downloaded for free. This book was written from start to finish in +- 3 weeks at the same time of creating the website For sentimental reasons this book will remain free, as is and is available on this website as a free download.

Download here.

This book will remain free and some information on this website will remain free but I will also sell a few things. I have asked for help from industry experts and one of the negative comments I got was "but you want us to help and then you will sell the more robust, improved version and sell it as your work?" . Even though a valid point, I was misunderstood. Google and Facebook will always give away free things, but the better things you need to pay for. That is in itself the idea of most websites and the idea of this website. We give away a lot of free information but we also sell the better things. If the free content on this website is good enough then we have succeeded in teasing you, succeeded in setting the bait so to speak.

(These funny and strange new marketing jargon / "language" was learned when asking for help on Google Webmaster forums with my final SEO book. - Thanks to my new friends!)

I will balance between supplying free information with selling more information and tools. That's how Facebook, Google and most Websites function.

You need to get these insights right so that you can get it right.

Here is the short version of the free EBook. I will not touch the first edition and leave the spelling and grammar mistakes as is. It is an important message to my clients. At least get started. Get a publishing date for your website. You can perfect it later.

Relevant SEO 2014
(What small and medium business owners need to know)

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

Why I wrote the book and why it means a lot to me.

We build websites bread factory style (People specializing from sales, graphics, training, coding, programming etc.) So we need training material (online) so we "interview" all these different people. The free SEO book , www.kwikwaponline and was started +- 27 January 2014.

We only make money when people stay with us on the long term. They only stay and refer business when it works for them. They then need to get it right.

2 Important terminology and definitions

Try and explain in simplest terms some basic terminology , still trying to lead people with zero knowledge into reading further and gathering an understanding of the basics.

3 Finding the right web design company

Telling people to ask web design companies for examples of websites  on page 1 for organic search terms.

And get a price of each example ( comparing apples with apples)

Try and explain the split of the initial costs between (Graphics, Content, Coding & Programming)

So that they know to allocate more time / money (same thing) to content.

4 Asking friends for help

Webmaster forums, like I am doing here. Other friends in industry like I did when I started this book.

(Should come with a warning since some friends will lead you in the wrong direction)

5 How a website can save you time

I have identified time as  a major issue for small business people. To get a website in the first place. I try and show people where a website can save you time. (Training material / FAQs' / Portfolio of products)

Other benefits like clearly defining your business like when you do a business plan. ( I was  an accountant specializing in business plans - sales  and marketing my weakest link, changing now after 7 years in web industry) (I studied part-time accounting while doing articles, qualified in 1997 - I will finish this book and project)

6 Web Development Project Manager

The word Web Designer is  a problem in itself. Design is a small part of a website. This refers to the beginning days when Websites were a mystery. Try  and explain to small business people that it is an ongoing process. Resources need to be budgeted and planned for content, measuring results (Google webmaster), revisiting the project.

Many small time beginning web designers  let the client be boss and all talk is directed at what the website looks like.

My business is build around these small time web designers. They too need training and to see the bigger picture.

7 Keyword Research

Tell small businesses to DIY . Google for search terms they would like to be found for. Too study those websites on page 1 - 3.
Too note the quality of content. To get a realistic benchmark. from the beginning.

That is DIY Keyword research mentioning Key Word planning tools only. (Forget my clients being so analytical. I don't even do it myself)

8 Relevant cost concepts

Showing people the relevance of time vs money . Your career vs family life.

Time on website /Facebook  = time away from clients and your business.

Showing people when it best to start of with Google Ads and how to measure the costs.

Things like fixed expenses , cost of sales , gross profit.

If time = money then the short term effect of Google Ads can be extrapolated to the effect of spending time on your website and having the benefits for years to come.

Clearly telling people SEO is  a long term strategy.

9 Know when to quit SEO

SEO can be a costly failure. Some people expect miracles from their website. That illusion can cause serious financial damage.

Like a recent guesthouse owner client of mine . 17'th Guesthouse in small geographic area. R1,000,000 to fix property and furniture but zero marketing budget for Google Ads, Tourism Directories, Magazine Ads etc.

Result = lot of pain.

10 Commit to finish

It takes longer than expected to make something perfect. I first attempted the training program 4/5 years ago. It is a huge project to get it right. The same principles applies to web design clients. We give them a framework. They need to complete their websites. Not have empty blank pages like 1 FAQ. We show them 1 and expect that they do more. They need to know that it is very competitive in the SEO environment. Everyone is getting online and having access to easy CMS.

Content = king

11 Be specific

Explain to be specific  so that website visitors are buyers of products and services.

12 The real SEO problem

Again talking about time and money

13 Guerilla Marketing and Back links

Something I learned from Matt Cutts. lol! Thought he meant Gorilla Marketing. Using and example and then explaining when you will get back links.

14 Eureka! Valuable Backlinks for small businesses

Using myself as an example and a few specific clients who are authorities I explain when people will link to your website.

Get the onsite SEO right and the offsite SEO will happen.

15 Google+ and Google Places

Not yet big Google+ but rising and Google Places can not be ignored. Quick, free and easy

16 Case study: Web development project gone wrong + Guerilla Marketing Opportunity

An example

17 Blogging on your website

Again be specific. Importance of titles
18 Top 3 -5 SEO mistakes

Discuss a YouTube video by Matt Cutts in a little more detail

19 Ideas for generating content

Ideas which work and is practical
. (This content on this page was originally my answer on Webmaster's forum.)
20 Content on Facebook or Website

Explaining to people the illusion of the free resources on Facebook  since it competes with time. Telling them to do it on website and then to share on Facebook. Explaining the filter down effect of Facebook vs the indexing function of search engines.

21 Future of SEO

Stay away from black hat, focus on  content . Get On-site SEO right and Off-site SEO will come right.

Search  Engines have resources , artificial intelligence. Have to function like they want in order to exist.

The will win the battle against spam and black hat. Stay clear.


22 The end or beginning?

Getting a website is just a beginning. Proper SEO is an ongoing long term project.

Plus a teaser for my next book / books. Catching on to marketing and terminology like baiting. lol!

Turn your weakest link into your strongest and you will get your MBA.You will be the authority.

You will get the links.

It was done in 3 weeks. It was just the beginning for me.

I work with real people with real life problems. Problems  like divorce , cancer, crime , unemployment , loneliness , hopelessness.

Yesterday I spend 2 hours on CMS training a young black South African lady who wanted to do web design but ended up working at a clothing manufacture factory doing odd jobs. She is  tasked with the new websites. Who knows where she will end up?

Somewhere in a shack someone is willing, but needs the means / knowledge to make a better life.

I am too busy to interview hundreds of people.

Somewhere somehow I will add value and change people lives.

When money becomes irrelevant these things in life become relevant.

When you follow your calling with passion money will become irrelevant.

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